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When will 2024 Nursing Forms be Out?

When will 2024/2025 admissions for nursing begin? From May until July of 2024, the 2024 Nursing Training Forms will be available for purchase. Thus, qualified applicants are asked to submit applications to the different healthcare facilities. Application vouchers will be sold in Ghana at the GCB Bank and the Agricultural Development Bank.

When will 2024 Nursing Forms be Out?
How Much Does Nursing Admission Forms Cost in Ghana?
Depending on which institution is offering the program, nursing admission forms in Ghana have different costs. Nurse admission forms typically cost between GHC 200 and GHC 250 in Ghana. To apply, interested parties must purchase application codes from any branch of the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) or the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) for two hundred Ghana Cedis (Ghc200.00).
How To Apply for 2024 Nursing Training Forms
Get a voucher from GCB or ADB at Ghc200.00
Go to On this page, click the apply button at the top.
Enter the pin and serial number that are on the voucher.
Put your information in the form.
Provide a photo and any certificates.
Send in and print the application summary.
Check the status of your application using the pin and serial number on a regular basis.
When will 2024 Nursing Forms be Out?

How Much is the Nursing Training cost in Ghana?
Application forms for the Nursing and Midwifery Training College are available for purchase for the 2024–2025 academic year at a cost of Two Hundred Ghana Cedis (Ghc 200.00).