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Augustine Addo

Augustine Addo

King Paluta – Makoma remix ft Sarkodie

Ghanaian rap sensation King Paluta has released his latest track, “Makoma,” featuring the legendary Sarkodie on the remix. This collaboration brings together two of Ghana’s most dynamic hip-hop talents, promising a hit that blends King Paluta’s unique style with Sarkodie’s…

Kofi Daeshaun-I Promise

Kofi Daeshaun has released a heartfelt new tune titled “I Promise,” adding another gem to his musical repertoire. This captivating track delves into the theme of love, with Kofi Daeshaun’s emotive lyrics and soulful melodies painting a vivid picture of…

Ofoe Richie-Redemption Download Mp3

Ghanaian gospel sensation Ofoe Richie has unveiled his latest single, “Redemption.” Known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Richie continues to inspire listeners with his music rooted in faith and devotion. “Redemption” is a powerful anthem of hope and…