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Bee Blinks set to unleash his first single-Check the date

 From the Chambers of Sikapo Records comes the ever sensational, lively, energic musicman by name Bee Blinks nicknamed the (Thermal Rapgod) whose rap fit all the metric for a standard rap music.

Bee Blinks rap has flow, content, punchlines and it is beautifully arranged, and has a commercial touch. His first song (single) to make entry into our airwaves comes out on the 26th March, 2021, a day that marks his birthday. His single, titled ‘Yeb3 Twa’ will educate, entertain you and also inspiring you to live life on your own terms.

Bee Blinks loves music. Music is his life and his life is music. He has been consistent with composing some of the lovely songs on the record label, to be released one after the other.

His fan base, which also forms the fan base of his record label, Sikapo Records has its mantra as Real life, Real business, and they call themselves Sikaporians.

It’s more than music. It’s life. It’s more than life. It’s real life. It’s real business and life is real business. Our business in life is to follow our passions and use it to help others. Bee Blinks has purposed in his heart to do this.

So to you reading this today, from wherever you find yourself, anticipate a and watch out for the ‘Yeb3 twa’ tune. It’s a banger. It’s a blast!