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Stunnas Multimedia new artist , Morganah has released his first single ‘Paradise’


Although he has released three songs already, ‘Paradise’ which was released Monday, March 27/ 2023 is the first track released since he was Joined by Stunnas Multimedia.

The West African Musician who has a great taste for delivering the utmost value has inspired the music industry with his sounds.

The lifestyle influencer, husband, Father, Musician, Content Creator, Spiritualist and the Son of the Sun! is here again with a Super banger to inspire the public.

He said his wife inspired the song with her confident and courageous self.

Morganah said he also wrote the song to appreciate his wife for accepting his flaws and loving him unconditionally.

“What inspired the song , it’s my wife’s birthday so I thought what kind I do this this special birthday that can resonate with her even after I die,”he said.

He continued that,”After seeing all the price she’s paid in accepting me for all my imperfections and sacrifices herself to be the mother of my kids, so above all I just thought her courage and confidence alone inspired me enough to write and dedicate this song to honor her and tell the world how much she makes me feel every single day.”

Paradise can be found on all music platforms.

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