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How to last longer in bed? 5 simple secrets every man must know


Men who do not last long in bed or those who experience premature ejaculation are more common than you think. It’s not often talked about but has been bothering many men for a long time.

In fact, there is a lot of pressure on men to last longer in bed. But actually, how many minutes of sex is enough or how many minutes are too less?

While most men say they ejaculate between 5 – 10 minutes upon penetration, research shows that the average time to ejaculate after penetration is about 5 1/2 minutes.

If you are not satisfied with how long you last in bed, then check out these 17 ways to last longer in bed.

There can be many ways to last longer in bed, and it’s nice to know that these are all easy to follow.

  • Try out condoms

Some people don’t like using condoms because they decrease pleasure and sensitivity. This is what you need to prolong your ejaculation.

Wear a condom or try those with desensitizing creams.

  • Don’t rush sexy time

Remember how stress can impact ejaculation? If you’re always in a rush or thinking about your meeting later, you won’t enjoy lovemaking. You won’t even have time to try out most of these tips to last longer in bed.

So, if you can, free some time from your busy schedule so that you won’t have to feel rushed and stressed. If you’re relaxed, you can last longer in bed. You can also have fun and enjoy trying out new ways to pleasure your partner.

  • Switch up locations

Skip the bed this time and try new locations. This may heighten up your excitement and give you intense ejaculation, but it’s also an effective way to have sex for a long time.

Don’t lead your partner to the bedroom; instead, go to the kitchen, your dark balcony, or the floor.

  • Briefly stop stimulation

If you think you’re too sensitive to sexual stimulation, then try your best to reduce them. Again, shifting the focus of the sensation from your body to your partner can make you last longer in bed and make you a better lover.

  • Focus on fun foreplay

Focus more on foreplay. This is one of the techniques to last longer in bed, and your partner will surely love you for it.

Not only will you lengthen the sexual pleasure for both of you, but you will also have a more intense orgasm.