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6 types of sex every couple should have


Sex is beneficial to both men and women and experts suggest that to receive benefits from sex, you should be having sex at least once or twice a week. If not the day or night, just try morning sex.

Ideally, you have fantastic sex, as often as possible. But there’s more to a solid sex life than just straight-up great sex. A truly amazing sexual connection encompasses lots of different kinds of sex — maybe even ones you wouldn’t expect.

Sex isn’t only about the position and the frequency. Generally, there are categories of sex.

Below are some types of sex you should have for a healthy, balanced and spicy sex life:

Let’s make a baby sex

If you’re planning to have a child, you will probably have some of this type of sex. It’s actually pretty awesome, because it’s the exact opposite of all the sex you had as a single person, so there’s something almost taboo about it.

Sharing a goal together adds an extra layer of bonding.

Before we go out sex

Single and dating, sex came at the end of an impressive night out. But now that you live together, you can have dessert first!

Scheduled sex

It’s a thing and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Better to have scheduled sex than to have no sex at all. You schedule beauty appointments, so why not sex?

You can look forward to it, and know exactly when you’ll get it on.

Way too sleepy sex

Like, you’re so tired, but you’re also kind of turned on, and you know you won’t have time to do it in the next couple of days, so let’s get it on, baby.

You don’t have perfect conditions to connect with your partner.

“There are chores, but we just want to do it” sex

This is the best — there are more opportunities for spontaneous sex when you live together. So when you’re both neck deep in dirty dishes and you decide to do it on the kitchen counter instead of scrubbing another pot — well, that’s just hot.

This helps you and your partner get to share those fleeting moments like the best inside secret ever.

Mutually orgasmic sex

It’s important to have that sex when you both are looking out for each other’s orgasm. It’s fun and pleasurable. It helps keep the spark alive.