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Atia -Billing ft Kwesi Amewuga | Download Mp3 Audio

ATIA Drops Electrifying New Track ‘Billing’ Featuring Rap Sensation Kwesi Amewuga”

In an exciting musical collaboration, ATIA has unleashed a vibrant and energetic track titled “Billing,” featuring the dynamic rap artist Kwesi Amewuga. The duo’s synergy is palpable, creating a unique sonic experience that seamlessly blends ATIA’s signature style with Kwesi Amewuga’s distinct rap prowess.


“Billing” is a pulsating fusion of genres, delivering infectious beats, clever lyricism, and an undeniable charisma that sets it apart. ATIA’s production prowess is on full display, creating a musical landscape that allows Kwesi Amewuga’s verses to shine. The track explores themes of success, ambition, and the hustle, making it relatable to a diverse audience.

With its catchy hooks and compelling verses, “Billing” is poised to make waves in the music scene, solidifying ATIA and Kwesi Amewuga as a powerhouse duo. Fans can expect a refreshing and exhilarating listening experience that showcases the evolving landscape of contemporary music.

Atia -Billing ft Kwesi Amewuga | DOWNLOAD MP3 AUDIO