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Ofoe Richie-Have Your Way

Ghanaian gospel musician Ofoe Richie has released a captivating new song titled “Have Your Way,” featured on his latest album, Eye Wo Ara Jesus. This powerful track exemplifies Ofoe Richie’s deep-rooted faith and musical talent, offering a soul-stirring message of surrender and divine guidance.

“Have Your Way” is a testament to Ofoe Richie’s ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with melodious harmonies, creating an atmosphere of worship and reflection. The song’s poignant message encourages listeners to trust in Jesus and allow His will to guide their lives. Richie’s emotive vocals and the song’s uplifting arrangement make it a standout track on the album.

Eye Wo Ara Jesus is a collection of spiritually enriching songs that showcase Ofoe Richie’s dedication to spreading the gospel through music. Each track, including “Have Your Way,” is crafted to inspire faith, hope, and devotion among listeners.

Ofoe Richie continues to make a significant impact in the gospel music scene with his profound lyrics and compelling melodies. “Have Your Way” is sure to resonate deeply with fans and new listeners alike, reaffirming their faith and encouraging a closer walk with Jesus.

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