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Ofoe Richie-Higher Higher

Ghanaian gospel musician Ofoe Richie has released a powerful new song titled “Higher Higher,” featured as a track on his latest album, Eye Wo Ara Jesus. This uplifting song exemplifies Ofoe Richie’s exceptional talent and dedication to spreading the gospel through music.

“Higher Higher” is a testament to spiritual elevation and the unwavering faith in Jesus. Ofoe Richie’s soulful voice and inspiring lyrics combined with a captivating melody make this track a standout in the gospel music scene. The song encourages listeners to aspire for spiritual growth and embrace a closer relationship with Jesus.

The album Eye Wo Ara Jesus continues to build on Ofoe Richie’s reputation for producing heartfelt and moving gospel music. Each track, including “Higher Higher,” reflects his deep-rooted faith and commitment to sharing the message of Christ. Ofoe Richie’s music is known for its ability to touch hearts and uplift spirits, making Eye Wo Ara Jesus a must-listen for gospel music fans.

“Listen to “Higher Higher” and let Ofoe Richie’s inspiring words and melodies elevate your faith and spirit.”

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