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Shatawalle discloses his worth to social media

Celebrities in Ghana find the subject of discussing their net worth uncomfortable but Shatta Wale does not find it so-Maybe perhaps because he’s worth some few millions, so it gives one the confidence to brag about it.

Dancehall artiste and leader of SM empire, Shatta Wale has revealed that he’s worth some $10 million. He says that, his wealth was gained as a result of hard work.

Shatt Wale made this revelation known when he was speaking on Hitz FM. He is quoted to have said; “I am worth a lot, I think I am worth over ten million dollars…”

He added that “I have an eight-bedroom mansion with swimming pool. I have seven supercars…”

Well, since there’s no ‘Forbes’ in Ghana here, we would take his word that he’s worth $10 million.

shatta wale at after the storm album launch
Wale also called for Unity in the music industry on the show and advised to ‘wake up’ so they can put Ghana on the world map.

“I don’t want to control anyone. I think they [Ghanaian musicians] have slept too much. They should wake up”, he added.

Do you think Shatta Wale is worth $10 million? Share your thoughts on this with us in comments.