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Official Music Video-Kofi Daeshaun x Derek ML – Vibe


Kofi Daeshaun collaborates with emerging sensation Derek ML in the latest music video, “VIBE.” This autumn anthem showcases Derek ML’s entry into the realm of established artists with unwavering confidence, grace, and a distinctive, alluring voice. Derek ML is a rising star poised for future greatness. Meanwhile, Kofi Daeshaun, a seasoned veteran in the music industry with a decade of studio albums, delivers his signature skill and presence.

Official Video-Kofi Daeshaun x Derek ML – Vibe

With the right promotion and support, “VIBE” has the potential to reach great heights. The track is available for streaming on major digital platforms. Feel free to download the mp3 for free, share your valuable thoughts, and contribute to the greatness of this musical collaboration below.

Kofi Daeshaun x Derek ML – Vibe | DOWNLOAD MP3 AUDIO