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Min Manny-Es3 S3 Mebisa(Produce by Ammof Sounds)

Min Manny-Es3 S3 Mebisa, Min Manny-Esɛ Sɛ Mebisa(I ought to enquire), a new breed but highly rated and gifted Ghanaian gospel and songwriter, Min Manny dishes out a well studio cooked song tagged “Esɛ sɛ mebisa” which means “I ought to enquire” mp3 for download.

Esɛ sɛ Mebisa is a song of class to add to your music playlist. It reminds us that, in whatsoever we do, whether in deed or in thought, we need to enquire from the Lord if it pleases Him.

Stream below and share with us your thoughts in the comment box below.

 Min Manny-Es3 S3 Mebisa(Produce by Ammof Sounds) | DOWNLOAD MP3