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How to Track Someone’s Location Via Text Messages?

 How to Track Someone’s Location Via Text Messages?

You know that people use text messages for communication, which has been the primary purpose of messaging apps. However, since both sender and receiver communicate from different locations, is it possible to track someone’s location via text messages?

The truth is you can track a cell phone location by text message. So whether you are doubting or you want to know how to go about it, this article will teach you how to track someone through text message.

Can Someone Track Your Location From a Text?

Yes. If you want to track someone’s location and all you have is their phone number, you can get their precise location by sending one text. How’s this possible? Ordinarily, text messaging services do not transmit location data when people message one another. However, certain paid services allow you to send messages to people and include a URL in the text. If you click this URL, the service collects your location data and sends it to the person tracking you.

Scannero is one of the best tools offering this service. The application pinpoints the recipient’s exact location from anywhere in the world. So, here’s how to track a text message location using