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Ghanaian Gospel music has turn into beauty contest

*Ghana Gospel Music Has Turned to Beauty Contest*

The respected educationist Ghanaian hiplife artist ,Cavalry Blaze, has said unlike the late 90s to the early 2000s where we had the likes of Cindy Thompson, Esther Smith, Diana Asamoah, Joe Bechem, Tagoe Sisters, Suzzy and Matt, Kweku Gyasi, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, etc the current gospel artistes appear too wayward and lovers of fashion.

CavalryBlaze  tongue-lashed the current gospel artistes that they dress improperly and too sexy. They pay too much attention to their make-ups and forget about the message of God.

Gospel music is not meant for entertainment. It is supposed to sell the Goodnews of God to the people. These gospel artistes are lost. They don’t know the assignment of their calling. They just put any words together, dress half-naked, do unnecessary make-ups, etc and think they are doing the work of God.

Cavalry Blaze advised the artistes to visit the good old days where people listened to gosple music and received healing and other miracles. Because what they are doing now is actually destroying true christianity and true worship. Am not sure God is happy with them.