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All the Profiles of Ghanaian musician Rhymes August you need to know

Seedorf Gakpey, popularly known as Rhymes August is one of the most popular musicians ever in Ghana . He is also the leader of the Lowkey energy.Rhymes August is also known as the Champion  boy. The  Eastern Region native who studied at
Believe Senior high Secondary school and also has a musical career spanning of 5 years.
In middle school, he led his school band. He formed his Lowkey team in 2013 before he hooked up with Lot of Artist.
He owns the  Rhymes Studio, in Tafo in Eastern Region, where he has done his latest recordings with himself as Executive Producer for  Lowkey energy Music. His album named Grindup Charlie hit is believed to have been  the most trending music album in the year 2017 in the   Ghana.
Some of his songs include 
*Oh Lord
*Swimming Pool(Adonko & Joy Daddy)
*Wavy Level
*OmG/Grind Up Charlie
Odo  and many more
Rhymes August can be followed on Twitter,Facebook,YouTube,Instagram and Telegram
Rhymes August manager can be reached on 0274270772 for music shows